We are not your average resort.

With only seven rooms situated between a pristine beach and virgin forest in an undiscovered and unexploited part of North-eastern Palawan, Qi Palawan offers a unique experience. As the only development in the immediate area, you can enjoy our own beach or explore the many nearby unpopulated beaches...or if you like, venture into one of local fishing communities. This is the place to really get away and experience the real Palawan...imagine

When you visit us, you can do what you want. We are made for relaxation but we have plenty of activities: go swimming, paddle boarding, mountain biking, enjoy our large selection of games, take an island tour, SCUBA dive, explore the interior of the island, snorkel, do yoga, try out kite boarding during the trade wind season (November to March), spend the day in our spa or just chill... Why Not!