About us

Our Vibe
We tried to create an environment where people can have an authentic experience while still enjoying the comforts of home. We provide good service in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Its almost impossible not to relax at our remote location. You can explore the neighbouring beaches, meet a fisherman or take a mountain bike to one of the nearby villages. If you stay for a few days you’ll surely get to know our friendly staff and maybe the neighbours too.

The owners
This is our passion project. We are life long travellers and both prefer the off the beat and path locations where you can settle in and relax and that is what we tried to create here for you.

Sustainability and our carbon footprint

Economic Sustainability
We believe that the well being of our local community is integral to forming a successful plan for sustainable tourism and development. In addition to minimizing our carbon footprint, we strive to increase the economic well being of the community. We have made an effort to use as many local laborers and artisans as possible in our development. We also have several community projects we support. If you would like to help by brining specific items or volunteering your time, please let us know before your arrival so we can suggest specific items in needed.

Environmental Sustainability
To our reduce impact on the environment, we’ve emphasized bamboo as opposed to slow growth hardwoods for our building materials. It’s the ultimate green material – its grows rapidly without fertilizers.

In addition, we are slowly growing our solar supply and hope to one day be completely solar. Until then, we manage the use of our generators to find the right balance between energy conservation and guest comfort.

We use as little plastic as possible and whenever possible use biodegradable

We are proud member of Zero Carbon Resorts